Monday’s Mad Hater

Thank You! When stated … To A Cuffed-Up Senior, I finally got to restart My Tumblr and I are on a different page. Personally; I never stated “It was unfair!” and even My Mom remembers watching Haunted Movies with me. I have a book and several projects to work on . . . I didn’t check Lana’s Item’s or Jasmine’s Item’s; and I am “Nina Horri” though My Real Father has set his foot down and I had a hard driven 35th!

Juneteenth was celebrated at My Father’s House . . . Chealse’s Tea Room or The Coffee Bistro mostly on foot. As The Government provided me with articles and I walked straight in the streets. Never, to return to that life again and accepting anything “Both of These Worlds Offered”.

In 2017 to 2022; I have been on “Skins From Depikted” and remembering days of “The Real World”; when we reached Mass Media in 2013, My First Year at UTA! I guess, hopefully, I’m on Drapper’s Team as a MMP (Medical Meeting Practitioner)!


Leo To L. Astro’s

A Whole Season? Yes . . . Thier adding projects, To My, Season …

The Upside Key #5 To Town

  1. She Said; “IS DUE!” . . . Transmissional Passes as My Father Built “The Bridges With His Team” #10Floor. What’s due; is the timeliness of an appropriate answer.
  2. Even at 35; and one of the discontinued #MarchingPenguins$7. Which are coming from my requested offers; as fifth in place disconnectig from “Dating Wars” With “Delta’s Aunt Susan’s & Whole Gang’s of Delta & Gama’s”.
  3. Starting to push thier right’s from Freshmen to Senior, asking and joking, if I had trouted my Senioritis, Year. Now In 2022, It’s time to Cash Out! Which, was requested by one of my good friends here DD.

Sunday After Service

I woke up at 8PM; I rely on “My Bill Of Rights” at least, that’s what I have told My friend. 1978; Is . . . When “The Civil Right’s Movement” started; Right Away . . . In 2015; My German Grant which was <$Classically Classified>. In a few weeks; I’m missing out on My Ancestry . . . Lecture. When My Parent’s, only . . . have told me six of them.

When, I asked about school, They have said some of “The Greatest” Remarks . . . Even tried to beat me up, because of some of them. As JPS . . . Tried to keep my records straight. I love outside and the Flower Beds outside The University of Arlington’s, The Japanese Flower Garden – A Once Upon A Treat!

Houston’s Wall of Hero’s; As I long to revisit My Grandmother’s Garden and Home.


Mrs. Askew; I remember when My 2nd Grade Teacher coming and “Helping Me”; the most as me and my “Suicide Boy” & “Suicide Girl” towards Dr. Johnny Appleseed. Which put us in a argument towards what we could have! I remember, finger painting . . . When it turns to “A Missing Alias” @PuffingOnChic after @Propaganda.

Kindly Handed Presents & Proving My Idea From Humanities from Lessons From My Dear Dad; The Best Veteran Army from Marine Corp. 2nd Samuel 2:3 & Joshua 7:9!

Then I was in 7th Grade, Surgery . . . A Spinal Tap. ATM : It has turned into a plug for some informative uses. For Example; The cigarettes, which I had two boxes plus more … One Box of Montego’s From “The Southern Shore” and “Camel Crush from Green to Blue”!

From A Great Company; called Impact, my favorite group. Sorry I didn’t understand “The Request From Hobby Lobby & Mardel’s”. I remember that I caught *Sixteen & Seventeen* Where these parent’s money is and was! These Freshmen; do a lot of investigating on our Tumblr!

Stephanie Howard : I remember “His&Her” wholesome Tree Chopping from A @Tent & @Room the Night I chose to try to go to “Salvation Army”. We’re from Lousiana and I am “Simply Trying” To Know . . . More & More . . . Of The Backwood History! Tejas – Depending on me and I on Her.

Teaching Me; A Lesson I’ll never forget! While Mrs. Askew taught me too never forget “My to Our Preamble” . . . As A Girlscout, selling 92 Thin Mints . . . It was February 7th; was when I walked out and into my “Vamprilla Suicide Girls” toward tour on “The Tears Of Landcaster’s Turnaround For Fashion Models”




Andrew MacMahon

James Avery

Spilling My Own Baked Beans! :
“Chickasaw” or “They’ll Break My Jaw

I Opened a Skillet today around 11AM before We, the six of us ATE Spaghettis & Green Beans, No Joke, I Know that when I started at fifteen at McNeese, my parties AKA. While some us being precautionary towards The “The Turn Of The Centries” . . . Precautious War & Fight!

Last Year; For My Birthday 2015’s PRSA & ADVT Grant


The Moon At Millwood

I am grateful to be able to sit and listen to my music; I guess . . .
While listening to My Father and Mother’s Hearts beat together. God has prepared each of us a Mission. I have about 600 sketchbooks and I heard their money from them. That’s good that we all got “Famous” but pointing fingers at Role Models, and Authority Figures is, A, Dangerous Game, to play.

On July 6th; I was taken to Mill + Wood and I’m still paying for it! The mistakes; I made where mine alone and as a group. The 7th Street Gang & Star-Telegram, parked by 6th & 9th Floor of My Social Security Recruitment. I can only handle my own, especially with my teams and groups. The Mirror I bought today from Dollar General, along with my Neon Pink fingernail polish.

I am Thankful to be able to have 18 Strong Situationally state Soldiers . . .
I have calmed down, a lot, while agreeing to this assignment of staying awake. It’s The Floyd Family Son’s; thank’s special women for . . .

What Requires Age Permits . . .

I did actually come from Camp Luegene’s Water! The $5 Gift was nicely a four pack of Red Rockstars. In the first place, Biology is, what gross, at Tarrant County SE Campus. I’m Fortunate to live this . . .

My Dream is to be successful; and I am but I am grateful for everything The Govern-Mental Balls came for and from.

Manipulation is one of the worst things, that a person can do especially to themselves. I have needed to take more videos and too earn, who money. As a thirty-five year old adult who


Thought Less Thursday

After being, a tormented and falling asleep. from several voices. When the idea was to stay up for two months. Which is no longer My business and woken upon myself for whatever their trying to push. I slept good last night but I can’t dream. It’s like I’m told not to dream.

Our individual thoughts and what we learn, is socially ironic, I have no views and no stats on my blogs. I love to write and hopefully one day . . . Well struggling everyday is the American Way. I check my linked in and agreed, that I have better work to provide. Through the training of what I have experienced.

I’ve heard comments that my school tuition is being paid off. Though as jealousy and greed, have really hit home. I try to balance what I can. It’s as though, someone, has been after each piece of something that has made me successful. To believe you are, is the first step. Taking care of yourself and your tools is the secound step.

Counselor Education Holiday New Life

Mind Over Body

I do realize, as I try to slow myself down with the teams help. That some of us fit in a NQ with an IQ. Though fending for yourself is a major Hot Topic . . . Questioning how My New Ninja Rings turned into “Gang Green”! My Brother; didn’t like his gift and I left my 16th Rave not wanting to return.

To let go of control of what My Father’s have given me is the worst idea I ever have. To leave my team at University of Texas at Arlington and fall into a Shoplifting Habit caused by an Alchi. While I played an Alchamist Game. Has sent me in Tarrant County Court Commission.

In Lousiana; we wrote our own from the Beuregard to the Parish. Man! are some of those dreams high and hard to attain. I was placed as a Limited Too Model since 12 years old and I was 9 when I took my clothes off on camera. I’m kinda scared about what I found My Dad stating; that The Family’s little hottie is now calling us “Smoking Hot!”

I have BiPolar Disorder …

Counselor Education Family Group Life Health Code

Thoughts My PDP

Woke up, this morning, just kidding . . . I stayed up all night! I am starting to feel better Yes, Especially; since my, Dear Mother, has helped me out into A Commanche Lead College. Their secrets of Government Information from My AP Government Class 1 & 2, which I made two Grade A Grades, Son “I Am Proud Of You! Please Stay Calm In School; I know that school is difficult at times.” but I’m having to get stronger and eat healthier; and we don’t want to hear about the complaints in a college class room.

As a Downtown Celebrative Cop approached me and asked if I saw the fight that my God Mother got into. I don’t remember when this all exactly happened; but Taylor’s always told me it was illegal to nark. It’s illegal to talk about people and yes, we started at McNeese which the Hurricane slowly led to picking up garbage and working at Goodwill.

These choir singers have tried to ruin my…

  1. Trans-Siberian Orchestra Offering
  2. Meatloaf to Nick Jonas to My Own Entertainment on Almost Three Guitars and Two Pianos. To singing on “Phillips Craig and Dean”‘s Start to continue on a very selective playlist matching and mixing vocality.
  3. Noah To A Recent Accident . . . Ouch! That was personal. The way, my case worker met me on Monday and two weeks ago; I had to see two brother’s when I went too “MillWood”.

These Doctors and Nurses tried to ruin my…

  1. PCP and All of these added things over the course of 8 years has added up to me . . . Cleaning my room for 15 times the dollar of cleaning up My room. Which; we continue to state that is all we’re listed as required as six dark skinned women work around us. For a rounded total of $810 a month.
  2. Nine, stated nicely overdue rented surgeries. Which my insurance, Which I, have tried to truly care about, Remaining as good relationships that are starting to give me hope for a better tomorrow. As it keeps creeping into My PR Reported Mouth and is
  3. Thirteen; since then, relationships of good boyfriends, I hadn’t blamed My Mother, but I knew when enough was enough. It’s more important to me that I think where I’ll be financially in the next five to ten years.

My First Chosen Major Is Advertising

Thank You Mom; for loving all three of us, but I did get offended when these ladies and tramps asked questions at One of the best churches in the world, Fielder Road Baptist Church. As any young adult would do I took care of myself the best way I could. Weather through rain or shine, in any kind of weather.

I question it but have Dr. Henry Cloud’s book, well memorized. Thinking about the street gangs I grew up in, while My Dad was deployed and I am glad He has retired and I’m trying to keep us all safe.

I have been asked to stay up for two months straight and fix my Resume! To God be the Glory . . . But when we Think of where we came from on the topic of smoking, I slowly hear that my incodint has been forgiven.



In the book, “The Lost Family” I have lost my place. So many times, and I have put the ATSD book down several times, I have questioned myself, the meaning of Cave Care Group Home. It’s been a pretty great day and I even got to follow my roommate who is asleep. As I sit here and still think and am plugged into my electronic devices. I remember, when my God Mother told me I’m too smart for my own good.

I bought with my Healthy Benefits Card and cashed out most of my remaining balance. My new street name is Twixie; thanks to my counselor. For a lot of workers it’s time, in my opinion, to slow down and realize what individual rights, you to we want. My caregivers have given me hope that one day me and my sisters will reunite.

Wondering about other people’s stuff, will get you in the most trouble, you have ever been in. As a writer, after this weekend, when I read Adulting 101. I was taught better habits with technology. When school starts . . . My House Manager and My Sister; are the best teachers around.

From my health care . . . which is the primary source, ReliOn; Sterile Alcohol Swabs . . . I have and haven’t needed to discuss “The NA Topic”. Which came from McNeese State University.


Connecting To Nature

When I woke up this morning . . . I woke up to a realization that my Birthday Spray. Started my week, while I slept in the same “Hello Kitty” T-Shirt and Sweat Pants that came from a Droid. I’m reminded by a few cigarettes, that . . . that is a good and bad way to make friends.

In order; to succeed, we need to be OURSELVES and deal with what life calls for. Instead of writing about unconstructive criticism that I


Smarter to Sunday

I am not a servant; also I have had the lecture several times from the caregiver. I have been requested to stay up. What “America and Liberty”; have been faced with from TY Beanie Babies, That Me & Claude had picked from up from the 35 cent, that I handed my son on Memorial Day and didn’t stress me out. My Mom; loved those American Specialized Bears.

I remember and the topic, needs to be dropped about why I was making Spinner Baits, at the age of 11. While several boys sat down and asked me very racist questions. My invitations and gear had gotten into the right and wrong hands.

She talked to me about my stuff for the most part when we were face to face in the kitchen; where daddies old table is. Although; their not as old or finely furnished as these wooden tables an older ex-bf told me and showed me. As we ate peaches and wasted my best pink cup. Wondering and asking myself not to worry about it too much.

I don’t think I’m the smartest cookie in the jar. Metamorphically; I am not to intrepid and I mutually am trying to use our Softball and Soccer, well It’s you, me, and, ours’s; after a 20$ race to see who could fix this shin splint from my chorales.

After “The Hurricane”; When My Father drove several hundreds of miles to come rescue me. In a similar way to what I have written on;