Doctors Appointments & Coffee

I went with my caseworker to see my Primary Care Physician; and we had a good visit. I took my first Ambilify last night and it has done great for my mood today. My caseworker picked me up at 10AM. We went to McDonald’s and I had a sausage biscuit and an apple fritter and a medium coffee. Then we went to my PCP appointment.

I am still in precontemplation about having surgery but it would be best if I could get surgery on my fingers. Since I have the bone almost breaking off and getting it surgically removed would lessen the chances of infection.

I ordered some over the counter products from Healthy Benefits and received my stuff over the weekend. I got band-aids, vitamin gummies, a first aid kit, Fixodent, and some cough and cold medication along with some socks. At the Dollar Tree I got a Christmas cup, some more hot chocolate, and a small jar of coffee.

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I'm 34 and I am learning to make something out of my life and taking it one step at a time. I deal with the relationships God has placed in my life and dealing with my mental disorders. I love my family and have live at Cave Care for almost 7 years. I love to learn and spend time reflecting on ways I can better relate to people and myself.

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