As I Smoked These …

When I woe to waking up at 6AM and ponder till 8AM. I am feeling comfortable in my lounging clothes. Should I start some yoga or pilates? No I should watch the NEWS; In Kennedale Highschool’s Biggest Competition about current political current events. As well as our research on smoking.

Yellow + Black + Light Green + Yellow

This morning I went tumbling down the stairs. Sleeping in my cigarette, I don’t think anyone does care or not care. The tensil went falling and my shoe scooped me up. What do I have when there’s too much coffee in my cup?

8 Packs later, and a lot a latte. The games we are playing in todays economy equal fair or not?

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I'm 34 and I am learning to make something out of my life and taking it one step at a time. I deal with the relationships God has placed in my life and dealing with my mental disorders. I love my family and have live at Cave Care for almost 7 years. I love to learn and spend time reflecting on ways I can better relate to people and myself.

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