Musical City Backyard

Smoked a pack of Lucky Strikes that had ION in them; as they cost me $5.10. Yesterday I talked to my Psychiatrist, Sarah! I had shared with my room-mate unforgettable music and ethics that could last a life time.

I’m JB Skelton’s granddaughter and he died in 1997; That’s when I was 10 years old. My mommy had a hard time with it. I tried to be . . . We’ll the feeling is indescribable, when you loose someone that Important to you and your whole family.

At Heritage; I’ve learned to do the best I can. I’m learning to make amends and trying to calm down since it was a few too many tears. An addiction can really take over your life but it’s up to you to allow God to move the barriers.

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I'm 34 and I am learning to make something out of my life and taking it one step at a time. I deal with the relationships God has placed in my life and dealing with my mental disorders. I love my family and have live at Cave Care for almost 7 years. I love to learn and spend time reflecting on ways I can better relate to people and myself.

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