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I am a writer, a mother, a good friend; who really listens. As well as a good hearted southern woman who cherishes the good moments in life.

I am a thirty-four year old Advertising and Public Relations Senior who loves creativity and finding help in the chaos of life. I love finding good articles and make it a habit to try to find things that help me throughout life. I was born in Frankfurt, Germany. I don’t drive but I do have a drive for life after facing depression and anxiety through most of my days.

I have a creative career with JF-Designs; that is started in 2010 and will take more time to come up with the ideas and business plan.

I love my family and enjoy spending time with them whenever I can. I live in assisted living here at Cave Care and I have been living with them for about 6 years.

Leave Me A Comment or Email: I would love to hear from my readers and anyone who finds my site to be insightful. If you share my link please tell me and I’d like to check out your site.

We can talk about anything; that’s something I admire in myself is my love to learn anything new and different. I love to talk and have meaningful conversations and relationships in my life.