Good Morning

I was woken up around 4AM; and headed outside with a cup of coffee and cigarette. I’m still really tired and all stopped up… We are off from the center today and I have an appointment with my psychiatrist at 1PM. It’s almost Christmas, can you believe it. Jesus is the meaning of the season … Continue reading Good Morning

Musical City Backyard

Smoked a pack of Lucky Strikes that had ION in them; as they cost me $5.10. Yesterday I talked to my Psychiatrist, Sarah! I had shared with my room-mate unforgettable music and ethics that could last a life time. I’m JB Skelton’s granddaughter and he died in 1997; That’s when I was 10 years old. … Continue reading Musical City Backyard

As I Smoked These …

When I woe to waking up at 6AM and ponder till 8AM. I am feeling comfortable in my lounging clothes. Should I start some yoga or pilates? No I should watch the NEWS; In Kennedale Highschool’s Biggest Competition about current political current events. As well as our research on smoking. This morning I went tumbling … Continue reading As I Smoked These …

6 New Petals

When the Government had a ball; we equaled new problems in American History Generation X had meet up with Generation Y. Then my house worker came in at 8AM this morning; everyday equals a good day. When I stayed I learned that doing that to my stuff was dangerous and unheard of. When I had … Continue reading 6 New Petals

When I Wake Up

You know I’m going to be with my Dad today and we’re looking forward to eating Chicken and Waffles. Do you have other people chewing for you. Did you grow up with 19th Century Fox Slavery? Are you feeling shopping equals a trip down memory lane. I did get too drink last night though I … Continue reading When I Wake Up

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving and I woke up at 3:45AM. The day to be Thankful and eat a great meal. Also their having a 70% off sale at AliExpress; I bought a head scarf for $2.03. Seems I’ve bought several accessories within the past month for myself and others through this App on my phone. I’m really … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving


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