I started my company in 2010 selling paintings and crafts. Starting this new decade I have gained more insight on which direction I want my business to go. It’s starting a whole new phase after a long time of not working for myself. Taking it one day at a time towards the vision I have in my mind of a cute and useful character developed company.

Target Audience: Children & Parents & People that like novelty gifts. People in recovery seeking help that need warm support.

Objective: To deliver 5 characters that have their own seasons; one for intermediate which is a Shakespearean revolver. They will all have their own taste, and shows the diversity of interest through working through personal goals and shows them that anything is possible.

December 2021 – Febuary 2021

  • Working on a business plan and my first character Islo the Globe Trotter.
  • My first approach to business planning.

Let’s build something together.