Mystical Halloween Saturday

May I ran into an old Hollywood Horror Relationship from scriptural parts of my past. In our scene was a pasture as if I were from Twilight. I woke up most Fridays and stayed there about 6 weeks. I find in each of us the power to heal or destroyer complex or widen up with “The Words Within”. When you are wrong you must make things right and the best way I can do that is share and write my story. Ever since I was a little kid about to be 9 and lived under Grandma Harleys care and protection.

I have been interested in Native American Culture. We have too many of these The Gang Fights and mainly their about who is better than who, whos trying to take what, and when we’ll make our big break. In life we have many choices and mine choice was to continue to work on what was important to me through any means until I could please my Dad. Though now I learned that that is an unsafe character trait. I am taking a course on sustaining the future.

If you are interested in Learning To Better Yourself understand there’s so many ways though it takes daily effort and upkeep. I have learned that relationships do take time and effort but during these economical socially deployable times things have gotten rocky. We have had to chose sides and remember who we are instead of reminisce about what we could have been.

Witness Protection On Halloween Weekend

Why isnt and is major parties? Of course when it comes too judgement it is interesting to use your imagination. Though when I smoke the Truth and when I talk to Pals I have signed my name up to dangerous self-esteeming groups. The money has never been all mine. Especially in Heritages Rat Race to Independence.

For me The Group Home is more like a Boarding Home. In order; to say safer and out of trouble and mischief. I must be optimizing my health and my emotions and my higher being. I love each one of my friends but as friends know it takes a whole team to raise them. I wish I could spend time with my son This Halloween but seems I’ll be taking in stride of the bag of candy, three candy bars, and the Punisher.

The Pokémon GO Halloween Event Is on its Way - Nintendo Life
Pokémon : My Son is Pikachu
Sanrio Halloween | Sanrio, Hello kitty, Little twin stars

I used to love camping . . . today at 711 – I bought a Large Coffee I blended with some pumpkin spice and a pack of Camel Crushes. Each one was crushing a heart for work before I stopped. When you go into a hospital like MESA Springs they do let you smoke but at JPS they don’t. I’ve smoked a lot in the last month and I’m grateful I’m reusing old notes while other people in my class are.

Checks In Balance

I’m waiting for my Dad too send me $25 today; on payday things always got dangerous. While Mrs. Foster I won’t pay your Bills and yes my mother is an accountant and studying to be a Journalism and her blog is she has kept the same one for almost 7 years. Meanwhile in the last 7 years I’ve had 5 different ones + + + while now it’s which you are currently listening too.

I have spent a lot of money on blogging and I live in a social economical world of which we are getting impacted heavly by consumerism and congestion while living in the Group Home. The best thing I suggest is just take it slowly and don’t cross boundaries. Truth is Tarrent Country Jail has hired me when I walked away from “The Group Home” and I took care of Mean Girls and Mom’s groups I now have questioned in my daily life.

I have changed in the past month from a fast moving Republican to a Conservative to a my thoughts about what I have received in return for scientific research. I took Geography, Astronomy, and Environmental Science, and Humanitarian Science. As well as an array of good cultural district History classes of Art and Architecture. As we are about to receive our stimulus checks I am uncertain what I want or what I have or what I feel. Why do they bother so much to care.

I want to walk around and express myself as the True individual I am. Meanwhile; I’m being pressured to be and do and it feels like I had to do that for someone else until the IRS and CIA come in. Recently I have applied to the CIA or at least tried to fill out the application.

My Kid Is A Government Kid

Have Halloween Movies gotten scary? I knew Insidious growing up and at my Rehab the whole group was talking about her. When I stated that didn’t hurt I was thinking about the jobs I had as a waitress and certain turns of events turned into The Fosters, The Watchlist, The Watchmen, and having some clueless goals as a child I find is a good thing. Yes; last week they sent me my MOPS Graduation Congratulatory.

My son is middle named nothing; but he is almost everything in my world. I joined the fast track and I used to run track and all sorts of sports. While yes he wants nothing to do with sports and I noticed his obsession with Pokemon. Which he doesn’t want to scare away; which is probably noticeable when I can’t see him.

Though anyways I’m busy with about 3,000 things without 30% of my profits. I went to McNeese and I’m #13 from DeRidder. I love my roommate and housemates but I’ve been in my own little world of work.

Honestly MaMa & PaPa

When you lose your impatience with your family; I have found it’s better to take a quick break and return to your center and remain as close to yourself and what you hold dear. Though when you are holding dangerous church drama, and money hunger then you need to brace yourself around others. I have been appalled by some of the things my voice chip has caught. Though I remember doing that too myself.

At times it has gotten too expensive in my group home and now I’m preferring to call this a boarding home. I know I’m not in charge but I wasn’t trying to calm down like I should as a mature young lady. As I pestered my Dad for more of money and asked for $25. Tonight I walked to the store and bought a red bull and a pack of red, white, and blue Winston cigarettes as well as Supremes. I spent $12 out $31 which sums to what? 15 paces closer to my new fatherly handed FitBit. I am naked not to laugh but as red we do experience pain and want to experiement with…

I have dealt with all ages and stages of life. Everything in the Whole World can get dangerous but it’s all in the way you deal with it.

Waking Up to Working Weeks

I started work at McDonald’s when I was chosen at 15 by a 🤴🏿 to work and go to school 🏫 at McNeese College and then they took a dangerous step up ⬆️ to Casa Ole then school got scary 😧 even for myself and my roommate and my whole group of my boyfriends squad of amigos.

My tips weren’t very good 👍 then; I learned too suck it 🆙. My Dad went to MSU and is an engineer 👷‍♀️ ; I was a retail stock agent. From Target 🎯 to Ross To Ross Parole. The last job I worked at was Wal-Mart and yes if you are taking 8 AZO’s helps. Though also helping my 8th Heritage Line is help <Ing>.

Power to me is just Power. I have witnessed all sorts of stuff but the letters I wrote have waking up dangerous stuff. ATM I’m reading and working through “The Night Portrait” asking old friends for Help From what I discovered and am currently discovering 👰🏼‍♂️ and 🧑🏼‍⚖️ to 🥷 and 🧛🏼.

Waking Up Sunday

This is the second or third time I’ve written a similar post and what is it with people trying to take advantage and make their stuff so messy to fit into American Culture? Pride comes before the fall but what if I tried to keep some things private and some things safe and some things secure. After describing some things me and my housemates went through like temper tantrums and tips; we are noticing the Government using our inability to just sit in the hood and be quiet.

I bought a book for $10 at Target; one of our groups closest companions and my hand was tricked as I can tell. I have still not had surgery and my medication is up to three Zoloft’s a day. Why does everyone not understand boundaries and chakra and in my tools and friends Achy Breaky Heart “That’s Me!” from AKA did what? stole what? and asked for what?

It’s not about what is offensive it is about what is enough and once it’s in province and permeant marker you can’t take it away!!!

Saturday Service Postal

When my Dad came to pick me up we went to the Skillet and Grill in Arlington. He handed me two packs of Lucky Strikes and they fell beneath the seats of his hot red fiery truck. Now I’m sitting on my Pumpkin Bed sitting here thinking about the postal notary I just signed and how my Dad got stamps from Eagle Postal. I believe my Dad deserves a real Purple Heart!

Some people have gotten jealous and I found in my Woman Rights class to help your item and your person. Oh! how I would love to make Pumpkin Spice Lattes but the cost is so much and the prices have risen. We feel like were fixing and pulling people out of the grave, the grill, and the places I used to work that got hurt.

The Truth is sorta hurtful if you don’t have the right perspective on life. If you don’t have the right perspective on life you fall in the gutter and when you push all your relationships away most people won’t want anything to do with you.

Ever heard of the band The Postal Service; for some reason it seems people have hacked my ever working book and blog. As I seek help from my father. I have gotten in mediocre trouble with people and instead of working at Heritage sorting mail I’m working at Water Gate chasing Bill Gates Off with The Gang

Camptivated Cultivated Friday

I am told this week to do many things; it hasn’t made me angry in fact it has made me angry. As my Dad put $50 in my bank account I still bought more cigarettes. This was First Baptist Church of DeRidder’s dare for me. We used to play games like stuffy bunny and much more.

Today I picked up that my ex-boyfriend dropped my backpack up and there lay another shabby scary Bible. The one my Mother gave me around Christmas time out of my little sisters box. Today I am told to clean my room and we can only smoke a certain times. I’ll probably be smoking for as long as I live until eternal life. Even with my frozen fingers; maybe someone had a problem with me.

Though there are too many problems in this world to not make a solution. When guys and girls and all they have get taken advantage of who do they turn too? I have had such gang violence that I needed to make sense of it. So last Friday I bought “Create Your Own Journal!” but I need to finish the Cultivated book I just talked about a few blogs ago. …. That’s what I’m doing this friday sorting, reading, and cleaning. Then tomorrow I’m going to sign the paperwork with my family at the church Fielder Road Baptist Church notery.

Smoking My Vaporizer

We can wake up and join you but your feeling of uncertainty can hurt 😞 sometimes. I got jealousies that are discerning about my vaporizer. My Dad bought me tigers blood 🩸 which has messed up my 🧮 . It’s good to do what you can for yourself and your family. Medical research has trash 🗑 duty.

Tokyo War tactics: everyone is special but how special. Afterlife has all my recycling and it was my favorite club. Taking someone else’s special stuff can hurt so son don’t hit us.