Good Morning

I was woken up around 4AM; and headed outside with a cup of coffee and cigarette. I’m still really tired and all stopped up… We are off from the center today and I have an appointment with my psychiatrist at 1PM. It’s almost Christmas, can you believe it. Jesus is the meaning of the season and my Dad’s coming to pick me up Christmas Eve at 1PM. We are going to “Christmas Eve Service” and I am ready to spend a great time with my family.

The Book “As Old As Time” by Barswell has truly been a blessing. I’m at the part where Belle is meeting the Beast and trades in her life for her father’s.

Christmas is in 3 days… I bought small gift bags and put candy in them for my housemates and have my sons Christmas presents under the tree, as well as his Birthday present.

I’m going to keep mIy blog open and work harder on it, in the next year. I have a lot to consider … Such as doing more work, What I can do to repay Student Loans, Where I am at and how to make it better.

Musical City Backyard

Smoked a pack of Lucky Strikes that had ION in them; as they cost me $5.10. Yesterday I talked to my Psychiatrist, Sarah! I had shared with my room-mate unforgettable music and ethics that could last a life time.

I’m JB Skelton’s granddaughter and he died in 1997; That’s when I was 10 years old. My mommy had a hard time with it. I tried to be . . . We’ll the feeling is indescribable, when you loose someone that Important to you and your whole family.

At Heritage; I’ve learned to do the best I can. I’m learning to make amends and trying to calm down since it was a few too many tears. An addiction can really take over your life but it’s up to you to allow God to move the barriers.

As I Smoked These …

When I woe to waking up at 6AM and ponder till 8AM. I am feeling comfortable in my lounging clothes. Should I start some yoga or pilates? No I should watch the NEWS; In Kennedale Highschool’s Biggest Competition about current political current events. As well as our research on smoking.

Yellow + Black + Light Green + Yellow

This morning I went tumbling down the stairs. Sleeping in my cigarette, I don’t think anyone does care or not care. The tensil went falling and my shoe scooped me up. What do I have when there’s too much coffee in my cup?

8 Packs later, and a lot a latte. The games we are playing in todays economy equal fair or not?

6 New Petals

When the Government had a ball; we equaled new problems in American History Generation X had meet up with Generation Y. Then my house worker came in at 8AM this morning; everyday equals a good day. When I stayed I learned that doing that to my stuff was dangerous and unheard of.

When I had stated “My Dad was coming to pick me up!!” …

I was able to eat Chicken and Waffles and a sweet package of American Spirit Yellow One’s with my son. We share around here and today I shared a mess and a messy room. Though I had gotten in to trouble when I open my mouth to Mrs. Jefferson years ago, about 7 years ago and I’ve here ever since.

I smoked a lot again and there equals a problem when I smoked that much when will I be able to do all the thing I need to.

When I Wake Up

You know I’m going to be with my Dad today and we’re looking forward to eating Chicken and Waffles. Do you have other people chewing for you. Did you grow up with 19th Century Fox Slavery? Are you feeling shopping equals a trip down memory lane.

I did get too drink last night though I find CBS5 a little mixture with a brand new pack of Pale Green American Spirits smoked up under 10 hours. Are we feeling angry about this or mad… One of my favorite shows is “Mad Men”. They have attacked the TASS test with me. Cheerleader to Dance Line equaled the biggest competition in the world.

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving and I woke up at 3:45AM. The day to be Thankful and eat a great meal. Also their having a 70% off sale at AliExpress; I bought a head scarf for $2.03. Seems I’ve bought several accessories within the past month for myself and others through this App on my phone. I’m really enjoying the Butterfly Mood Ring.

My Family is in Mississippi; and I was able to eat with them at Babe’s by UTA Monday for an early celebration. Yesterday I bought three things of coffee and we’re glad we are able to drink it this morning. I have a lot of things to be grateful for.

Things I Am Grateful For Today

  1. Being a child of God and changing old habits.
  2. Being safe and feeling at home here at the Group Home.
  3. Learning on Coursera; My student loans are approaching payment soon in January.
  4. Being able to have a little bit of money each week from my Family.
  5. Having Insurance and a great support system.

When I think about all I’m grateful for I see that I am really blessed to be alive. It’s important to stick with those you love through the good times and the bad.

Animal Crackers In My Soup

When I woke up this morning I had a Lucky Strike; that came from a Carnival Clowned out package. Yesterday; I went to 711 with my Dad and He bought me . . . Three Packs of American Spirits Turquoise – Black – Army Green. This has been a nice treat of array of flavors in my mouth.

I find in my thoughts from smoking them a more creative outlet. I am thinking outside and inside the box for how much of a nice time that was with My Family yesterday. My fellow Blogger Sebastian worked with me and he’s a cool person. My Dad was talking what cool things we’re in Afghanistan. He bought me a Hookah and I have no clue but to find it and party with it and friends would be fun.

My Heavy Heart Feels Inconspicuous Again

My Professor Sandy Ideziak; and a competing selfish act of indecency to adequate self relinquish toppings from our other Professor Dr. Ingram who we find doing the right things is what I aim to understand on the FastTrack on Race Track on Pei Wei.

When we are less selfish we make more money and for this season; I don’t want to hurt anyone especially anyone too close to me. There’s so many people you can look up too but there’s so many ways to get hurt. One thing to love your significant other and another thing to think nasty negativity thoughts and state a comment.

SSDI did catch me when I was 18 all the way too when I was 22. These jobs create a good and bad experience and in this situation I am held to a moral standard of My Beautiful Professor from Communication Law & Ethics. While working with Lawyers under a curator code at #2748 for 711. I feel like it’s our ethnicity to work and at 9 years in a Spinner Bait Factory.

I was invited too go eat with my Father and my Mother and my Son. The day was a beautiful and messy cloud of smoke. A lot of stuff from the farm is coming here and ways of life for mostly Important Authority Figures. I’ll always be daddy’s little girl and I do the best everyday.

Jeremiah 12:15

Doctors Appointments & Coffee

I went with my caseworker to see my Primary Care Physician; and we had a good visit. I took my first Ambilify last night and it has done great for my mood today. My caseworker picked me up at 10AM. We went to McDonald’s and I had a sausage biscuit and an apple fritter and a medium coffee. Then we went to my PCP appointment.

I am still in precontemplation about having surgery but it would be best if I could get surgery on my fingers. Since I have the bone almost breaking off and getting it surgically removed would lessen the chances of infection.

I ordered some over the counter products from Healthy Benefits and received my stuff over the weekend. I got band-aids, vitamin gummies, a first aid kit, Fixodent, and some cough and cold medication along with some socks. At the Dollar Tree I got a Christmas cup, some more hot chocolate, and a small jar of coffee.

Native American Heritage History Month

My Dad dropped by yesterday and we were able to Notarize the adoption papers for my son. I’ve been thankful for my blessings though it’s sad when other’s try to press on you and destroy who you are. My Grandpa’s and My Dad have fought since the beginning of War. There’s about 17 Generations of soldiers and I am learning more about War History.

As It is Native American Month; I asked my Dad to buy me two packs of American Spirits. I just came inside from smoking three cigarettes; I would like to know more about my culture and what I can do to improve a better future. I need to do what’s best for me.

Today My Case Manager is coming by and I want to see if I can get over the counter prescriptions from my catalog.